About the Artist

With His Highness Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman bin Fahd al-Faisal, Commander, Royal Saudi Air Force

I'm an American painter currently living in Germany.  My paintings have won awards and/or appeared in museums and galleries in Georgia, Texas, California, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Germany.  My paintings also belong to private collections across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

I began painting in Iraq in 2005.  Although I'd never painted before, it was clear to me once I'd started that I'd been thinking about it all my life.  Maybe not about painting specifically, but about light, shadow, and color, and how our eyes convert their relationships into information.  I was never fully conscious that I was thinking about those things; my thoughts were more on the level of simple observations.  Once I began painting though, those observations found applications in my work. 

I find this to be a very satisfying and rewarding feeling.  It's like taking a street I've never traveled before, and discovering to my delight that I recognize where I am when I get to the end. 

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy making them.

New Awards:
"Cabo da Roca" (On the "Portugal" page) was chosen by Nussbaum Medien to represent August, in their 2017 Baden Württemberg Art Calendar.

"241 Avenida Dom Carlos I" was counted among the Favorite 15% of the December, 2015 Bold Brush Competition hosted by FineArtStudioOnline.

"Cabo da Roca" (On the "Portugal" page) won Best Overall Watercolor in the October/November, 2015 Plein Air Salon Competition and appeared in the February/March edition of Plein Air Magazine.

Three of my paintings earned prizes in the US Army Garrison, Stuttgart, competition for accomplished artists:
                         "Winter Sheep" - Third Place,
                         "Harbormaster's House, Lake Konstanz" - Second Place
                         "Bica's Morning Run" - First Place
One painting went on to earn a prize at the world-wide competition.
                        "Winter Sheep" - Third Place

Contact me at greyhorsestudio - at - aol.com