Saudi Arabia

Updated 15 July, 2017

Escarpment in Evening 18 x 26

Desert Plateau  3 x 7

Palace of Culture  6 x 5

Brokering the Sale, 4 x 6

Granite Outcroppings, Nafuth ad Dehi Sold

Afternoon, Jeddah  19 x 26

Man with Pigeon 24 X 20 

Worry Beads  Sold

Camel and Rider Sold

Camels Crossing Sold

Tahir al Sudani  20 x 14 

Camel Drive Sold

Series of Six  Sold

Camel Herder Sold

Camel Transport Sold

Closing for Prayer, Jeddah Sold

Skyline, Old Dirayiah Sold

Sandstorm Coming  Sold

Dusk on the Road from Dhahran Sold

King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Sold

Reading the News  11 x 8

Overlook Sold

Palm, Wadi Hannifa  25 x 18

Rooftop Sold

Study for Yassir Sold

Hawk Salesman 5 x 7 Sold

Taif Twilight Sold

The Long Crossing Sold